Validation and Planning

DesignValidation and Planning

Assisting with the Planning Process and Documents

There are many aspects that must be considered during the planning of your building project. we assist clients and companies with the completion of their planning documentation according with the Part L of the Building Regulations updated versions of the Domestic & Non-domestic Building Compliance Guides

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Budgeting for the Project

At the initial stages of project planning, budgeting is the determination of costs associated with the defined activities. The steps associated with budgeting are highly dependent upon both the estimated length of tasks and the resources assigned to the project initial stages like:
    • Identify Cost Factors
    • Create Cost Model
    • Perform Risk Analysis

    Based on the above strategy we initially provide a budgeting estimate of the assignment with free quote that details the individual cost of our scope of work. Once the fees and scope of the job have been agreed we will provide a briefing document with the budget cost. On approval of that figure, we will proceed with the production and planning of your project.

Sending Plans for Approval

The new Sustainable Construction Checklist SPD forms is now part of the assessment for planning applications for new build residential or non-residential developments’ conversion and retrofit properties. This will enable all building works to make an increased contribution towards local sustainability, and help create a townscape which will adapt to climate change as well as mitigate its effects. Overall, measures will be implemented towards improving cost efficiency of our buildings, minimizing environmental impact.
We provide all Supporting documentations and evidences to meet above credential along with Energy Statement, Sustainability Reports, and BREEAM preliminary assessment.

Preparing and Supplying Documents.

The planning process requires myriad supporting documents to be completed, including green energy targets,
renewable targets, and figures on the carbon emissions of the building. These documents are pre-tended,
meaning our consultants will have prepared them for your project before any design element has begun, allowing
for a swift and smooth process.

We are a Building Services Consultant

Identify client’s Business Case and Strategic

Our Services always follow and Identify client’s Business Case and Strategic, brief, and other core project requirements and offer a range of consulting services for all types of Projects. We support you throughout the conceptual stage to detailed design. We provide all detailed documents for planning policies compliance such as:


    • Sustainable Construction
    • Sustainable Drainage | SuDS
    • Sustainable Development
    • Supervision and Compliance Checks
    • Pollution: Air, Noise and Light
    • Reducing Carbon Emissions
    • Renewable Energy and Decentralised

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